Unprecedented Interference With the Election Process

Unprecedented Interference With the Election Process

To the Editor:

I am extremely upset by the recent interference of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee in the election process in Fairfax County. The term of one of the Republicans on the Electoral Board is expiring. By law, and by historical precedence, the chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee has the prerogative of requesting the Circuit Court to fill this position with a selection of his choice. The chairman chose to request the re-appointment of Mr. Hans von Spakovsky, the incumbent, who is a nationally recognized expert on election law and who has been a valuable asset to the Electoral Board in protecting the integrity of elections in Fairfax County. Unfortunately, the Fairfax County Democratic Committee interfered with this process by writing a letter to the court alleging various claims against Mr. von Spakovsky which have no basis in fact. As an apparent result of this unprecedented interference by the Democrats, the Republican choice for a Republican seat on the Electoral Board was denied by the court and an alternate Republican selected. This will be a great loss to the voters of Fairfax County. Mr. von Spakovsky's vast knowledge of election laws and his wise counsel in understanding the intent of the law as written by the General Assembly will be sorely missed. All Democrats who value their vote and the integrity of the election process should be ashamed of this unprecedented and unworthy action by the Fairfax County Democratic Committee.

Dr. Keith G. Damon