Poem: This is NOT America’s Next Top Model

Poem: This is NOT America’s Next Top Model

Do you know

what I hate?


It’s probably one of the

most disgusting

things out there.

What is ketchup anyways?

Squished, liquefied, tomatoes?

Some people say it’s the blood of boisterous bears


Many people like ketchup

and when I say I don’t like ketchup

people just have to judge me as if

I was on America’s Next Top Model

Wait. Hold up! People judging others for not liking



People are judging others for the most

outrageous things nowadays

from what they wear

to how the way they talk or say something

Although it may not come to mind

sometimes these words hurt

and they don’t leave one’s mind

for a long time

and they pierce one’s heart

for a long time

and they eat away at one’s soul

for a long time

Do not listen to these people

You are who you are

Not him, or her,

or he, or she,

or me!

It’s okay to be yourself

It’s okay not to like ketchup

It’s okay to wear camouflage pants when there’s nothing else in your closet!

The only opinion that matters

is yours.

Because you are beautiful.

Do you know

what I love?


For not being ashamed of who you are

and just being you.