Letter: Pills or Jobs?

Letter: Pills or Jobs?

To the Editor:

These days I had the opportunity to support my candidate for governor, Ken Cuccinelli. Dozens of women showed up to rally for the general at the entrance of the building where the debate with Terry McAuliffe was being held. There were also dozens of younger people in blue t-shirts, pink t-shirts and purple t-shirts. Strangely, most were males. Most appeared to be college-aged. Our groups on the other hand were moms, children and a few husbands.

At least a handful of us moms engaged some of the young men protesting beside us. We found out that SEIU bussed some of them from as far as New York! Rent-a-mob? The college-aged females we approached avoided engagement and were focused on “defending” their contraceptive rights. One of them even had a costume of a round typical contraception pill case. It is to them that I want to say the following:

How can women allow a political party to undermine their economic sustenance by distracting them with the low hanging fruit? Is it worth it to be in jobs paying below $10 in exchange for free contraception? That doesn’t put food on the table and yet young people continue to embrace a Democrat leadership which is limiting our growth, stifling our economic liberty, killing opportunity with policies that give women contraception paid by someone else. Why aren’t they asking where are the jobs rather than the pills?

Two million women have dropped out of the workforce under this Democrat administration. Obamacare (P.A.C.A.) will kill 40-hour workweeks, the backbone of America’s middle income earners because, simply put, less work equals less pay. A Democrat governor will rubberstamp Mr. Obama’s re-distributive policies, cornering the private sector out of existence and ignoring Virginia’s needs. Virginian women need to realize that the ultimate impact will forcefully tear down the pillars that sustain the true funding source of our ever-bloated government and onerous fiscal system, the private enterprise. This in essence will Detroit Virginia! The low hanging fruit does not put food on the table. I challenge you to be idealists and know that you are Americans, you can go as far as your determination will take you. Democrats are boxing you in with a myriad of policies that are undermining your future. Break free. Vote for the only man in the gubernatorial race who cares about Virginia and has the record to prove it.

Lin-Dai Kendall

Fairfax Station