Brickyard Coalition Gives Awards

Brickyard Coalition Gives Awards

— The Brickyard Coalition held its annual meeting on Sept. 25, 2013 at the River Falls Clubhouse, honoring members of the individuals and organizations that provided community service in the battle to save the Brickyard school property from being turned into private soccer fields.

The Volunteer Award was presented to Gary Waugaman for his contributions to building and running the website; to Cornelius and Barbara Merrick for their service as plaintiffs in two lawsuits; and to Girish and Indu Jindia for their assistance in the fundraising effort.

The Community Partner Award was presented to groups who actively assisted the Coalition both financially and organizationally, including the Civic Association of River Falls; West Montgomery County Citizens Association and the Brickyard Road Citizens Association.

Additionally, the Community Partner Award was presented to organic farmer Nick Maravell in recognition of his efforts and the Brickyard Educational Farm for providing a viable alternative use for the Brickyard site.

Guiding the political and legal battle in this citizens effort was the Brickyard Coalition Steering Committee, which met biweekly for almost two years to provide leadership in this effort.

Members of the Steering Committee were recognized with a special award and included Mary Kathleen Ernst, Ginny Barnes, Charles Doran, Ted Duncan, Dennis Kelleher, Susan Lee, Jill and John Phillips, Susan Shallcross Rufkahr, Mark Ungerman, Keith Williams, Maria Fusco and Curtis Uhre.

Brickyard Coalition has been formalized into a non profit member corporation, with all past contributors as charter members.

The Brickyard Coalition elected its Directors and Officers at the annual meeting of Sept 25. Fusco, Duncan, Williams, John Phillips, Shallcross Rufkahr, Doran and Uhre were elected as directors.

Additionally, Uhre will be president, Duncan the vice president, Fusco will be secretary and Williams the treasurer.