Letter: Campaign Based on Divisive Issues

Letter: Campaign Based on Divisive Issues

To the Editor:

As I look at the staged demonstrations that were organized before

the now cancelled debate in Great Falls was clear that first, they

were closely coordinated by Kathleen Murphy’s team; (one of the key

organizers held Ms. Murphy’s kickoff), and second, that they were

organized because Murphy does not want to debate all of the issues

we have before our communities—she just wants to discuss her

divisive social issues she’s based her whole campaign upon.

Consider that on Murphy’s webpage she doesn’t even include “JOBS”

or the “Economy” as an issue! That has been Delegate Comstock’s

number one priority and she has a string of major achievements on

tech jobs, telework and competitive bidding legislation that is already

working for this community. (See her webpage of accomplishments:


So is it any wonder that the Murphy campaign tries to talk about

anything but their candidate’s background and her knowledge and

record on jobs and key issues of importance to our community?

Ken Vogel,

Great Falls