A Candidate With No Baggage

A Candidate With No Baggage

To the Editor:

Tom Rust has enthusiastically endorsed the entire Rupublican slate. He has done so because he is a Republican. It doesn't surprise me that he endorsed Cuccinelli, but I find it very difficult to accept that, in his heart, he could endorse the candidate for lieutenant governor, Rev. Jackson. Jackson's comments about gays and those who aren't strong Christians and other comments he has made, are of the kind that Rust would not, normally, accept.

As for the attorney general candidate, Obenshain, I can only say that he is so far out of the mainstream. Wanting women who have had miscarriages to report to police within 24 hours, so as to find out whether they have had an abortion or not, is just beyond the pale. And I cannot believe that Rust agrees with that.

Rust has been in politics so long that he is folding into whatever might keep him office, rather than standing up for what he believes in.

“It's politics” was his answer when I asked him why he endorsed a local candidate he really did not believe was the best candidate.

We need new blood with no baggage. Therefore I believe Jennifer Boysko will be the better delegate. Change is of the essence.

Ruth Tatlock