Letter: Frightened by Runaway Government

Letter: Frightened by Runaway Government

To the Editor:

Kudos to the staff member in Congressman Gerry Connolly’s office who gussied up Democratic National Committee talking points in the congressman’s recently published editorial [“The Damage Is Already Done, Connection, Oct. 24-30, 2013].

Interesting that there was no mention or hint of the enormous financial implications of Obamacare in his simplistic and lecturing piece, nor any quarter given to those who are frightened and outraged at big, runaway government.

Could it be that Republicans on the Hill were trying to avoid the Shutdown (with a capital S, you know, the one that comes when your debt is so big no one will lend you any more money and you’re forced to lay off government workers permanently?).

According to the GAO’s February 2013 report, Obamacare will add $6.2 trillion to the long-term deficit, adding greatly to our jaw dropping $17 trillion dollar US deficit. (The average American household’s share of this debt stands at about $140,000.)

All told, our government's unsustainable entitlement spending a-la Social Security, Medicare, federal employees’ future retirement benefits, and now Obamacare, have now reached a whopping $86 trillion liability according to the Wall St. Journal, (that’s 550 percent of the GDP).

How is it that a congressman who serves on the Subcommittee for Government Operations and the Subcommittee for Economic Growth can call the House Republicans resistance a “manufactured crisis” in his recent editorial?

Could it be that we are days from a gubernatorial election and a year away from the congressman’s own reelection?

We need patriots, not politicians, in Washington now, more than ever.

Steve Daly

Fairfax Station