Letter: Tracking Connolly’s Votes

Letter: Tracking Connolly’s Votes

To the Editor:

After reading the self proclaimed fiscal moderate Congressman Gerald E. Connolly’s commentary published in the March 8-14 Mount Vernon Gazette about selected votes regarding the unemployed, seniors and federal employees costs, I decided to review the Mega Votes published by Congress.org regarding his votes on major spending, taxing and other monetary issues.

Congressman Connolly voted for trillions of dollars of spending and voted to increase the national debt limit that has added $5 trillion in the last 3 1⁄2 years and totals $15 trillion and climbing. He also voted against spending cuts and a balanced budget amendment that implies he supports runaway spending over sound fiscal policy. His support of such fiscal policies has helped cause the economic mess were are in. If the economy wasn’t in the tank, there would be no dire need for stop gap measures such as payroll tax reductions and unemployment benefits. The payroll tax reductions will hasten the depletion of the social security trust fund hastening the bankruptcy of that fund leaving millions of seniors without a retirement if it is not fixed.

Congressman Connolly also mentions seniors being protected. He cites action to ensure that doctor’s reimbursement won’t be cut. However, he fails to mention that he voted for Obamacare that cut $1/2 billion from Medicare. According to a report from Government Actuaries, 15 percent of seniors who have chosen Medicare Advantage will be forced out of the program because of Medicare cuts. Does that action substantiate his claim that Medicare " will preserve access to affordable health care"? Also, since passage of Obamacare, 3,000 waivers have been issued to various entities including the state of Nevada, the home of the biggest advocate, Senator Harry Reid, who pushed through the Senate the Obamacare bill. If Obamacare is so great for everyone including seniors, why so many waivers?

Congressman Connolly should tell us what he has done to create jobs and spur the economy instead of playing political games with temporary stop gap measures that do not help the unemployed or help solve the country’s economic problems Congressman Connolly by his votes helped to create.

If you haven’t signed on to receive the Mega Votes, I encourage you to go to web page Congress.org and do so. You will receive Mega Votes regularly that helps keep you informed on how your congressman and U.S. senators are voting without any effort on your part. More involvement by the public, should result in better accountability by our elected officials.

Frank Medico

Mount Vernon