A Candidate Who Takes Notes

A Candidate Who Takes Notes

To the Editor:

Thanks to your newspaper I learned that Patrice Winter is running for delegate in the 37th District. On Aug. 31, I walked to her first listening session with voters. As a successful small business owner, Patrice knows it’s important to help others get started, so she chose the new American Bistro in downtown Fairfax. Thanks to Winter I now know it’s open.

I moved to Fairfax County 15 years ago. Knowing what I do now, I should have moved to Fairfax City because it’s better run. That is due in large part to the city council, of which Winter was an active member for six years.

Winter is an engaged listener who considered comments from the audience and offered insights from her small business owner, city council or single mom perspective. She enthusiastically embraced new ideas and, where appropriate, suggested variants or enhancements. We discussed nine viable, low-cost transportation solutions for our county and how her experience on the Transportation Planning Board of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) could make them a reality in the House of Delegates in Richmond. We talked about the car tax and giving voters control over how some of their state income tax is spent. Making government more accountable to voters and elder care were other topics covered. Winter demonstrated an eagerness to work for all voters in the 37th District. Unlike other candidates who are content to nod in agreement with whatever you say to them, she took copious notes and was genuinely approachable. A 25-year resident of our area, she understands the problems facing us and has tackled many of them on the city council, the COG Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee, Economic Development Authority, and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Her six years on city council means she has already given voice to 38 percent (the six city precincts out of the 16 total precincts) of the district. As your paper noted, Patrice hasn’t yet raised as much money as her entrenched opponent. So, this retiree went home and wrote her a check for $25. I haven’t made a political contribution in years.

I urge 37th District voters to talk with her every Saturday from 10-11 a.m. at the new American Bistro at 10470 Main St. and vote for Patrice Winter on November 5.

Mike Shumaker