Writing Contest on Purpose of the Grange

Writing Contest on Purpose of the Grange

Great Falls Day to be celebrated on May 4.

A flyer announcing The Great Falls Day.

A flyer announcing The Great Falls Day.

The Great Falls Historical Society invites young writers to participate in A Historic Essay Contest -- Seeing Today Through Yesterday’s Eyes.

Great Falls Day will celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Great Fall Grange at the Great Fall Grange Hall, 9818 Georgetown Pike, May 4, 2014, 1 to 5 p.m.

Length, Font & Format: Minimum one type-written page, Times New Roman Font, 12 point; maximum three type-written pages, Times New Roman Font, 12 point; Microsoft Word Format.

Deadline: Friday, April 25, 2014, 5 p.m.

Eligible Age Groups: Level one: 8 to 12 years; level two: 13 to 15 years.

Deliver entry to information desk at the Great Falls Library by Friday, April 25 at 5 p.m.

Members of the Great Falls Writers Group will judge entries. Finalists’ work will be displayed at the event, and presented at the closing ceremony. Awards for the winners.

For more information, contact Laura Burke, 703-731-8145 c, laura@family-burke.com or

Nathan Moore nmoore8949@email.vccs.edu, Coordinators.

As stated in the Certificate of Incorporation, the purpose of the Grange is… “to advance the agricultural interests of our community: to get together and work together fraternally and socially for this purpose; to develop a better and higher manhood and womanhood among ourselves and our community, to foster mutual understanding and cooperation among the farmers of our community; to enhance the comforts and attractions of our homes; to work for the best morals of our community; to educate and maintain a high standard of life among our children, and for mental, moral, social and material advancement of the people of our community; to maintain the highest standards in public relations among ourselves and the people of our community; to advocate agricultural and industrial colleges and domestic science; and in politics to support and stand for the election of honest and faithful men for the purpose of making our community a better place in which to life and to especially make our homes and farms more attractive and profitable and to work for any cause that may be beneficial to our homes and community and for general prosperity.” (January 19, 1928)

Participants are expected to write an essay that answers the following questions:

(1) What does the quote “Purpose of the Grange” mean to you? How do you feel about the purpose of the Grange?

(2) How do the Grange values as expressed in their “purpose” compare with values that you experience in Great Falls today?

(3) What values in Great Falls today are similar to those of the Grange, and what values in Great Falls today are different from those of the Grange?

(4) What would the Grange founders advise the people of Great Falls today?