Letter: Renaming Richmond Highway?

Letter: Renaming Richmond Highway?

To the Editor:

This week at the County Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Hyland made a motion to re-name Richmond Highway (Route 1) between Telegraph Road and Mount Vernon Highway in honor of retiring U.S. Rep. Jim Moran. Apparently this honor was proposed because Congressman Moran had succeeded in obtaining a $180 Million earmark to widen this section of the highway. The motion was unanimously approved.

While I have my own opinion about whether this honor should be bestowed on the congressman, my purpose in writing isn't to share that opinion. Rather, my purpose is merely to make sure the general public is aware of this proposal so citizens can effectively weigh in concerning whether they think the highway should be re-named and, if so, renamed Congressman James Moran Highway.

I understand the proposal must be approved by the Virginia Legislature and so citizen comments should be directed to their respective state delegates and senators.

H. Jay Spiegel, Mount Vernon