Greenspring Recognized for Awarding 32 Scholarships

Greenspring Recognized for Awarding 32 Scholarships

Students receive $10,000 each for college or trade school.

Greenspring Village was recognized for its scholarship fund at the July 29 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Greenspring Village was recognized for its scholarship fund at the July 29 Board of Supervisors meeting. Photo Courtesy of Fairfax County.

Greenspring Village recently awarded 32 student dining services employees scholarships of $10,000 each, and was recognized for this achievement at a recent Fairfax County Board of Supervisors meeting.

“Looking over many of the things they’ve done, you can’t help but have this one jump out and grab you,” Supervisor Jeff McKay (D-Lee District) said at the July 29 Board of Supervisors meeting. “This is a huge commitment on behalf of Greenspring.”

The 32 students have worked at least 1,000 hours at Greenspring, and have maintained satisfactory grades and a clean discipline record.

“When you look at the philanthropy efforts across the county, we are really blessed with resources and a lot of times we forgot those who may not be. This is an opportunity for us to give to tomorrow’s leaders. It is remarkable,” McKay said.

All of the scholarship recipients are attending college or trade school in the fall. Several of the recipients attended West Springfield High School, Hayfield Secondary School, South Co

Scholarship Recipients

Yusra Abdelmeguid, West Springfield High School

Ayah Alshantir, Lake Braddock Secondary School

Adam Atienza, Lee High School

Jonathan Toth, Toth Academy

Jordon Brown, Hayfield Secondary School

Amari Byrd, Hayfield Secondary School

Sarah Cox, West Springfield High School

Carla Diani, West Springfield High School

Ridge Duncan, Lake Braddock Secondary School

Sherif Elnakhal, West Springfield High School

Stephanie Flores, Lee High School

Nohamin Gebremichael, Lee High School

Kimberly Gyimah, Hayfield Secondary School

Moriah Handy, Hayfield Secondary School

Sarah Husseini, West Springfield High School

Sharanpreet Kaur, Lee High School

Miriam Kebrom, Annandale High School

Matthew Kelliher, Lake Braddock Secondary School

Sara Khan, Annandale High School

Razan Kheirich, Falls Church High School

Andrew Manson, South County High School

Cesia Marquez, West Springfield High School

Mark Namoco, West Springfield High School

Tatyanna Neumann, West Springfield High School

Florence Popal, West Springfield High School

Emanuella Solomon, Hayfield Secondary School

CatDzung Tong, Annandale High School

Pacharaporn Tunsarawut, West Springfield High School

Nimra Viryam, South County High School

Ngoc-Hanh Vo, Hayfield Secondary School

Amber Wihshi, Hayfield Secondary School

Daniel Williams, Lee High School

unty High School, Lake Braddock Secondary School, Lee High School, and other schools in Fairfax County.

“This year, more student employees received scholarships from Greenspring than any year since the program began in 1999,” said Jean Landreville, executive director of Greenspring.

Sharon Bulova, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, called Greenspring a “special place.”

“It’s a really active community and this program is just exceptional,” Bulova said. “Thank you to the residents to help encourage our young people and to open doors for them.