Top Issues to Follow in Burke

Top Issues to Follow in Burke

According to Supervisor John C. Cook (R-Braddock District).

Neighborhood speeding

Speeding in neighborhoods is a chronic issue; most offenders are local residents. Which is why John C. Cook (R-Braddock District) is launching a new anti-speeding initiative in neighborhoods that will include provocative signs with slogans such as “Slow Down, We Live Here”, as well as speed monitors on the side of the road that will be similar, yet much smaller than those used on larger roadways by the police. Part of the initiative also includes reaching out to residents through neighborhood organizations.

Need for a neighborhood college

When it comes to running a meeting, reaching out to a diverse population, making sense of zoning regulations -- all things necessary to being a local civic leader, Cook sees a major need for that information to be communicated at the local level. Cook said, “There’s a real hunger for that,” coming from local leaders and people aspiring to be leaders in communities. “And boy, if you don’t have the tool, it can be hard.” So starting in October, his office will begin “neighborhood college,” a comprehensive education program for developing community leadership.

Fallout from Virginia state budget cuts

With governor Terry McAuliffe just announcing a $2.4 billion state budget shortfall, there will obviously be repercussions trickling down. “It’s a continuing issue,” said Cook, “and we don’t know how much this will affect the county.” And though the county is still struggling to find funding for schools, one bright spot is the current renovation of Terra Centre Elementary School (expected completion in 2015).

Pedestrian Projects and repaving

Projects have been funded to make pedestrian travel safer around Terra Centre and Burke Commons, with expanded sidewalks and clearly marked crossing areas on Burke Centre Parkway. Though that major roadway was re-paved -- with help from the state -- but “we need to get repaving happening on Rolling Road and other areas,” said Cook.

Lake Dredgings

Woodglen and Royal lakes are in great need of being dredged. Dredging has a number of environmental and aesthetic effects, including improving water quality and habitat, as well as restoring the capacity of the sediment pool.