Letter to the Editor: A New Kind of Candidate

Letter to the Editor: A New Kind of Candidate

To the Editor:

Craig Parisot is a new kind of candidate running to succeed Barbara

Comstock in the upcoming special election for the 34th Virginia House of Delegates District.

Not only is the Parisot campaign’s organization top rate, but his fresh approach to policy is making this election truly exciting. For example, Craig wants to focus on STEAM education, adding in the extra “A” dimension of arts. The arts have been left out for far too long in our schools, and it is refreshing to see a candidate want to put a focus on this in the Virginia state legislature.

Craig is also incredibly involved in our community as President of

Volunteer Fairfax, an organization that partners nonprofits with

individual volunteers in our county. One of the big projects Volunteer Fairfax is spearheading is organizing the World Police and Fire Games for the summer of 2015. The games are projected to bring $60-80 million dollars to Fairfax County, and would have a tremendous economic benefit to our 34th District.

Mr. Parisot has a long history of service, having served as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. He also has a professional background as a small business owner, which helps him understand how to bring jobs and boost the economy in our area.

Craig’s experiences are most relevant to Northern Virginia’s future. He has innovative ideas, and a genuine, unassuming demeanor, which makes him a receptive listener and a well-qualified candidate for public office. Craig Parisot is the right choice for the 34th House of

Delegates District. It behooves each of us to learn more about his

unique campaign before the special election on January 6th at


Priseilla Griffith