Town Green Stage Getting a Roof

Town Green Stage Getting a Roof

The Town of Vienna is going to have a roof built over the stage at the Vienna Town Green Park. And last week, the Town Council approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the town and the Rotary Club of Vienna to get it done.

It’ll cost $30,000, and the town and the Rotary Club are each chipping in $15,000 for the work. The town’s contribution will offset the cost of materials.

During the Feb. 3 Town Council meeting, the Council authorized the Rotary Club to go forward with this project on the town’s behalf. It means that the club will contract with Home Design Elements LLC, a local contractor, to furnish the materials and perform all the work. Home Design Elements has also contributed its design for the amphitheater roof.

The roof will connect to an existing overhang and will be constructed of cedar wood. And the park will remain open during construction so residents may continue to enjoy it, as usual.

The roof is scheduled to be completed by May 15 so it won’t interfere with the regular, spring/summer events that take place on the popular and heavily used Town Green. These include the concert series and the annual, Viva Vienna festival.

-- Bonnie Hobbs