Cooling Off at Neighboring Pool

Cooling Off at Neighboring Pool

Enjoying Herndon summer at Kingstream.

Dylan Griffith, 12, Carson Stewart, 11, Cora Kwitowski, 9, Maya Dearson, 9, and their friends playing a game of water polo at the pool.

Dylan Griffith, 12, Carson Stewart, 11, Cora Kwitowski, 9, Maya Dearson, 9, and their friends playing a game of water polo at the pool. Photo by Sarah Anderson/The Connection

The Kingstream Pool, a neighborhood pool near Herndon High School, has attractions for all ages. Since more than 200 neighborhood members attended the pool’s kick off BBQ on May 24, Kingstream Pool has been a great place for families, athletes, and friends to cool off on hot summer days. Katie Gettler, 18, one of the lifeguards, says that she enjoys working there “because it is a nice, quiet pool. It’s especially great now that the bathrooms and guard office have been renovated and repainted. It’s just a fun, relaxing atmosphere.”


Sara Kwitowski, 6, going down the slide.

Over the past few years the pool has undergone many improvements. There is a new electronic check in system, where each member has a tag that they scan to enter the pool, making it easier for the lifeguards and patrons. In addition, the bathrooms have been remodeled, the guard office has been painted, free Wi-Fi is now available for all patrons, there is a slide and a basketball hoop in the pool and outdoor grills have been installed near the pool for community use. Colette Merrill, 18, says that she babysits children that live in Kingstream and that “the pool is a great place to take the kids because it’s nice and quiet but with lots of fun things for them to do. Everyone knows each other and I always feel like the kids will be safe.”

The Kingstream Pool is home to the Kingstream Kahunas swim team. Kingstream is one of the eight teams in the Herndon Swim League and is very community focused, as members come exclusively from the Kingstream neighborhood. Kahunas range from ages 2-18 and compete in swim meets, celebrate at pep rallies, and enjoy fun activities such as relay carnivals and water polo. Junior Coach Maria Latimer, 15, says that she likes the swim team “because she gets to see her friends and teach kids how to swim.” Maya Dearson, 9, says that the swim team is “a great way to stay active with sports, hang out with friends, and have lots of fun learning all of the strokes.”

Kingstream also has a tennis court located right next to the pool that all community members can have access to, and miles of trails and numerous playgrounds. Shawn Maccannon, 16, a member of the Herndon High School Tennis team, enjoys practicing tennis on the neighborhood courts. “It’s nice because it’s close to my house, there is a practice wall that I can use to practice when I’m by myself, and I can meet up with my brother and some of my tennis buddies here to play.”

The Kingstream Pool and Tennis Court are located at 1430 Kingsvale Circle, Herndon. Call 703-435-8293 or visit for information about the pool. For information about the Kingstream Kahunas Swim Team visit