Letter: Brick Sidewalks Need Repair

Letter: Brick Sidewalks Need Repair

To the Editor:

There is a very serious problem existing in the Old Town area of the city. This problem is to be found on many sidewalks. When we walk on the sidewalks, we have a problems existing under our feet. That problem is a horrific danger. People are falling because of loose bricks, broken bricks, missing bricks and holes between bricks. The problem may have arisen by excessive rains and heavy snowstorms that have hit the city several months ago. I have not seen or heard of any repairs to these bricks. Some of these problems may have existed prior to these storms. Repairs of the bricks in Old Town streets will enable walkers to walk into restaurants and shops without literally falling into them.

The city must now financially deal with repairs and replacements of the bricks that cause horrific danger. As described above, people who are walking on the brick sidewalks step into holes, trip over raised bricks and especially when they attempt to cross and enter a street some fall over the cement or stone curbs which generally are higher or lower than the bricks. To avoid these hazards, wear flat shoes. If one has a problem walking on the bricks, carry a cane.

If anyone falls and is injured, do not call your complaint to City Council. They are basically the problem for this horrific danger. I have fallen on these bricks three times now. The last fall injured my elbow on my left arm. I thought it was broken. I had it x-rayed and an elbow bone was only bruised, I was lucky. I visited the Office of the City Manager, I did not speak to him personally, but I spoke to his assistant. I showed him my bruises and as a tax-paying citizen I asked him to remove the bricks or start making repairs. He asked the secretary to make calls to Rich Baier's office and a promise was made that the bricks would be looked into.

The city needs to get its brick sidewalks repaired and upgraded or face lawsuits from our citizens and our visitors. This is critical at this time because of spring and summer tourists.

Jim Melton