Letter: Concerned with Animal Rights

Letter: Concerned with Animal Rights

To the Editor:

When I heard about Jim Moran retiring I was hoping that his replacement would work as hard as he has for animal rights. But after reading Michael Lee Pope’s article last week and speaking directly to some of the candidates, I am relieved to know that three candidates, and especially Don Beyer, but also Adam Ebbin and Mark Levine will continue supporting a cause that I think is very important.

There are a lot of issues that we should be more aware of, like the veal industry, the fur/trapping trade and the protection of endangered species. I am glad that Jim Moran is working to end the use of exotic animals in circuses. The circus is a wonderful place to take your kids, but not when you realize the suffering that goes on behind the scenes. Animals clearly cannot advocate for themselves so we need to speak for them.

Jim has been a great advocate for animals in Congress and I would love to know the winning candidate will feel the same about this issue. I agree with Geoff Skelley from the University of Virginia, that if you believe in human rights and environmental issues, animal rights should also be of concern.

Tessa Read