Letter: Why Comstock?

Letter: Why Comstock?

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The Keystone Pipeline has strong bipartisan support. Therefore it is telling that Democratic candidate John Foust is out in left field opposing this job-creating program that would provide more affordable energy and more tax revenue and more jobs. When faced with the question as to whether or not he supported the Keystone Pipeline in a recent debate, he gave three different answers in one debate, ultimately saying that he wouldn’t support the project. This knee jerk ideological position makes no sense when this pipeline would modernize our country’s infrastructure and help put our country on the path to energy independence.

For someone who claims to be for creating jobs, John Foust stands against the Keystone Pipeline to stand with rigid ideologues and Barack Obama. We need a representative in Congress who understands the importance of working on bipartisan legislation that will help get the economy moving. Barbara Comstock’s strong support for the Keystone

Pipeline, offshore drilling and an all of the above energy policy is what we need moving in Congress. Not only is this Barbara Comstock’s position, but it turns out Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Warner even supports these things – placing John Foust even more outside the mainstream and not ready for primetime in Congress.

Frank and Barbara Gloeckner

Great Falls