Examining Senator’s Record

Examining Senator’s Record

To the Editor:

Who is Senator Warner? The senator is not necessarily reflected in his words.

I have taken the time to write and meet Senator Warner to find out who he really is by asking him questions about the key issues of his term: Obamacare, the debt and illegal immigration. He replied, but didn’t answer any of my questions and he was always unavailable to meet, so I have to look elsewhere — his voting record …

Our National Debt:

"It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. " Thomas Jefferson

Senator’s Actions: Voted for increases in debt totaling $7 trillion+ creating our crippling, unsustainable $17 trillion debt, endangering our economy and national security, particularly for our children.

Amnesty and our unsecured southern border:

As Milton Friedman said a welfare nation can’t have open borders. A civilized/free society is absolutely dependent on the rule of law.

Senator’s Actions: Voted for Amnesty and voted against securing the border which threatens our national security: illegal aliens are coming into our cities and as many illegal immigrants are on welfare, this burdens ourselves and our children economically. In addition, infectious diseases, criminals and terrorists are coming across the border. Obamacare:

Senator Warner Actions: Voted for Obamacare: with many people losing healthcare, doctors and having increased premiums, taxes and U.S. debt. Fully implemented, it will destroy the dignity/freedom of private health insurance and health care.

The consequences of Senator Warner's actions/votes — like President Obama's — are not reflected in his speech: eg. a labor force participation rate at a 36-year low and record number not in the labor force.

Like President Obama, Senator Warner's actions are insufficient to prevent the spread of Ebola either through the airlines, or through our southern border.

Perhaps one just needs to understand President Obama, as Senator Warner has voted for President Obama’s major initiatives and uses his political trickery.