The Dysfunction In the Senate

The Dysfunction In the Senate

(and why we need Ed Gillespie for Virginia)

The Senate Majority Leader Mister Reid

is a master of the partisan deed.

In choosing to prevaricate

over choosing to legislate,

he has divided our nation indeed.

He presides over the White House East,

deviating from Obama not in the least.

He chooses to divide

rather than decide,

leaving it to the partisans to feast.

The great debates of history played on its floor.

But their echoes reverberate there no more.

Once the fulcrum of democracy

is now the lapdog of the presidency,

and where public opinion finds only a closed door.

Unable to take up the questions of the day,

the Senate has certainly lost its way.

This inability to lead

falls upon Harry Reid

and begs for a new vision today.

Assuredly, Mister Reid cannot be the face

the Senate needs to take up history’s place.

The hallowed halls of deliberation

that have defined our nation

have been lost in Reid’s Senate space.

For Virginians, this means ... vote for Ed Gillespie in this race!