Letter: Inspirational Experience

Letter: Inspirational Experience

Letter to the Editor

As a participant in Delegate Barbara Comstock’s Young Women in Leadership Program, I wish to comment on how much I appreciated this unique experience.

For our first meeting, for example, we watched the TED talk of Facebook leader Sheryl Sandberg. From there, we got to meet actual women who showed us the sacrifices and rewards of being able to pursue careers as women. I was able to see the options for my future in current successful women, from small business owners, to NASA scientists, to Delegate Comstock herself.

The speakers we met with were always very willing to get us involved instead of just talking at us, and the passion they showed for their work was amazing. One of my favorites was Mina Ebrahimi, the owner of one of the most successful catering companies in the D.C. metro area, because she had a very interesting background and was clearly devoted to her business. She actively encouraged many of us to pursue the options that small businesses provide and how to do it. Being with the other girls, especially those who were younger than me, gave me a sense of an environment of inspiration instead of the competition I face daily with my peers at school. In addition, being able to meet and converse with Delegate Comstock, especially in the midst of the upcoming election,

allowed us to see the hard work for what it takes to be a leader.

This experience was one of a kind and really inspirational. The Young Women in Leadership Program shows how the need for college bound girls to pursue roles in leadership transcends party lines and requires action from today’s female leaders. Thank you Delegate Comstock for this inspiring program!

Lindsay Williams