Letter: ‘Conscience’ Held At Bay

Letter: ‘Conscience’ Held At Bay

Letter to the Editor

At the behest of a friend, I paid a recent visit to the Fairfax GOP webpage fairfaxgop.org/nomination/ – the link entitled “Nomination Process Information” is displayed prominently on the committee’s homepage – and from the outside looking in, it does seem rather certain the Fairfax GOP has (either inadvertently or deliberately) omitted Virginia House District 44 from this year’s “call for candidates.”

Presently under the leadership of Chairman Matt Ames, this strikes me as portentous — an unfortunate reenactment of the approach taken by Jay McConville in 2013, through which the Democrat incumbent was propelled to victory at the polls, without having to face any formidable opposition, post any major expenditure or exert any real political effort whatsoever.

As a former candidate, I cannot help but take an immediate notice of the problem: That while the Democrats work hard to propel candidates of destructive, neo-humanist persuasion into office, the Republicans remain idle (here in HD-44 and elsewhere), as if spiritually depleted at the helm, untroubled by the recruitment and enlistment of those “on the other side of the track” whose political ambition is predicated and fueled heavily by an apparent (though reckless) desire to put God’s wrath to the test.

At the center of this powder-keg — bound by their mutual devotion to abortion, same-sex marriage and state-mandated religion — I see two parties, united in the strange pursuit of divine provocation, as if determined to “try” and to “see” if the Lord of Hosts is truly as long-suffering and slow to anger as the Scriptures profess.

Joseph A. Glean