Letter: Wrong Emphasis

Letter: Wrong Emphasis

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I take exception to part of the tone on the article [“Mount Vernon Football Looking for First Win Since 2013,” The Gazette, Aug. 6] about the upcoming season for the Mount Vernon football team. That part is the emphasis on winning games. At this level of play the emphasis should be on playing well as a team, not on winning. The coach's job is to give his players endurance and team skills, but it is beyond his (or her) capabilities to deal with the advantage that a team my have because it has more players, and there is only so much a coach can do to overcome the latent talent that may lie in an opposing player, or to develop the latent talent in his own players.

Sports should never be the main focus of one high school education. Emphasis in sports should be on every player performing up to their potential. Winning is often a natural consequence of this.

John Dickert