Filler-Corn Announces Legislative Agenda

Filler-Corn Announces Legislative Agenda


Del. Eileen Filler-Corn,

Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D-41) recently unveiled the legislation she has introduced for consideration by the 2014 General Assembly.

Among Delegate Filler-Corn’s legislative priorities are education, public and campus safety, workforce development, childcare safety, creating the new Virginia economy and looking out for our seniors.

Del. Filler-Corn was reappointed by Speaker William Howell to the House Transportation Committee and House Finance Committee for the 2015 General Assembly Session. In addition, she was newly appointed to the House Commerce and Labor Committee. This Committee is responsible for all business, economic development, workforce development and employer rights related legislation.

Among the bills introduced by Del. Filler Corn this week are:

  • HB 1343 - Campus Sexual Assaults - This bill would require campus and or local law enforcement to report reported instances of campus sexual assaults to the local Commonwealth Attorney within 48 hours of the reported incident.

  • HB 2047 - Child Care Safety – Currently, child providers that care for 6 or less unrelated children are exempt from state safety regulations, this bill looks to close that threshold gap to ensure children are safe while in the hands of child care providers

  • HB 1552 Child Care Safety – This bill would require licensed child care providers to go through an extensive background check which includes a fingerprint check to ensure that these providers are fully vetted and are who they say they are.

  • HB 1327 - This bill would permit individuals 75 years or older or persons with a disability to go to the head of the line on Election Day or when voting absentee between the hours of 9:30 to 4:30 when lines tend to be shorter.

  • HB 1413 - The CARE Act looks to improve healthcare and reduce preventable hospital visits by requiring hospitals to formally acknowledge a patient’s family caregiver at the time of admission and providing critical at home care instruction.

  • HB 1668 - This bill would give students in all grades the opportunity to be given an expedited retake of the Standards of Learning (SOL) examination, in the event of their failure to pass the initial test.

This is a partial list of legislation. Details on all of these bills as well as the rest of the bills and budget amendments Del. Filler-Corn introduced this week and their status in the legislative process can be found at under Del. Filler-Corn’s name.