Alexandria Police Briefs: 03/19/15

Alexandria Police Briefs: 03/19/15

Body Found

A young man was found dead in the 2800 block of Park Center Drive. The 17-year-old male was found discovered at 7:45 a.m. on March 13 in a back corner of a local apartment complex. According to a police report, his injuries were consistent with a fall from the building and no other trauma was identified. At T.C. Williams High School, school officials said additional counseling would be offered to students. Alexandria Police requested that anyone with additional information about the incident contact Sergeant Michael Kochis at 703 746 6285.

Series of Car Thefts


A series of car thefts and attempted car thefts have had car owners at South Union Street on edge. There were four break-ins at cars within the 300 block of South Union Street between Feb. 12 and March 17. In at least two of the break-ins, the ignition was damaged but the car was not successfully stolen, while two of the incidents are listed by the Alexandria police as “car thefts.” The two break-ins and one of the thefts happened on the night of March 9.

“Crime analysis would need to determine if it’s the same suspect,” said Crystal Nosal, public information officer for the Alexandria Police Department. “We can’t say for sure it’s the same suspect, I think you could reasonably assume that all the ones that occurred on the 9th of March are connected. Using common sense you can say it’s probably the same person.”