Letter: Murphy Opposes Tolls on I-66

Letter: Murphy Opposes Tolls on I-66

To the Editor

To the Editor:

Delegate Kathleen Murphy opposes tolls on I-66. She made an unequivocal statement at the McLean Community Center debate on Oct. 18 that she is opposed to tolls on I-66--and has always been opposed to such tolls. However, in the race for the 34th District in the House of Delegates, Challenger Craig Parisot claims that Murphy stated otherwise. Parisot is either very confused or decided to misrepresent his opponent’s position. Parisot’s fabrication is typical of a trailing and tired candidate.

To make matters worse, I received a robo-call on Oct. 20 from Parisot that hyped his false toll claim using deceptive language to rouse the emotions of voters. Quite frankly, I know of no one who supports $7 tolls or any tolls on I-66. Mr. Parisot knows this yet he continues to make false statements. Someone who makes such false statements should not be entrusted by voters to represent us in Richmond. I will vote for Delegate Kathleen Murphy.

Nancy Hopkins