University Looks to Fair Lakes

University Looks to Fair Lakes

California University of Management and Sciences, with South Baylo University, bought a 54,720-square-foot building in Fair Lakes to operate classes.

“This university wants to, we have a new ‘r-word,’ repurpose the vacant building in Fair Lakes by moving into it,” said Planning Commission Chairman and Springfield District Commissioner Peter Murphy. “They want to get it back active with a good use.”

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the application, and the Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on the application in 2017.

The property is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Fair Lakes Parkway and Shoppes Lane/Headquarters Drive with direct access from Headquarters Drive, according to Planning Commission documents.

Total enrollment could be approximately 600 students, but the university plans for approximately 150 students each morning, afternoon and evening session during classes to be held Monday through Saturday. Fifty staff members and staff would be employed, according to staff documents.

“Based on this information, the existing on-site parking of 212 spaces on the subject property would be sufficient to accommodate the proposed use,” according to Carmen Bishop, of Planning and Zoning.

California University of Management and Sciences and South Baylo University sought to amend a 4.37-acre portion of the seventh Final Development Plan associated with RZ 82-P-069 to include a college or university as a permitted secondary use for the existing 54,720-square-foot office building on the subject property.

The site is part of the original 620-acre Fair Lakes development which was rezoned to the PDC District in 1984.

California University of Management and Sciences has campuses in Anaheim, San Diego and Northern Virginia.