Construction Begins in Herndon

Construction Begins in Herndon

Construction began at the old Busch Motors property on Monday, Feb. 22.

Construction began at the old Busch Motors property on Monday, Feb. 22. Photos by Mercia Hobson


Construction began at the old Busch Motors property on Monday, Feb. 22.

Mayor Lisa Merkel began to “seriously consider running” for Town Council in 2009, when a project to redevelop the Busch Motors property was voted against.

On Monday, Feb. 22, Herndon’s downtown revitalization began at the corner of Elden and Monroe.

Mayor Merkel tweeted the arrival of construction equipment on the project’s first day of actual redevelopment.

“This is what progress in downtown Herndon looks like on day one,” she said. “Soon, we'll have this great new project - the first phase of our downtown revitalization.”

Junction Square will consist of 15 urban townhomes from 2,100 to 3,000 square feet, five condominiums and retail along Elden Street, wrapping the corner at Lynn.

The project will consist of 55,000 square feet of residential space.


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS on additional downtown development of 4,675 acres of land were submitted by Feb. 19.

The Town seeks to redevelop the property, formerly the Subaru car dealership or Ashwell property, into “an attractive, mixed-use development, including a parking structure in which the Town has fee interest to a minimum of 220 spaces.”

“The Town envisions a development of excellent design and quality providing the historic town core with additional vitality while respecting and reflecting the heritage of the downtown,” according to the request for proposal. “The Town envisions these benefits to be utilized to develop a superb environment for outdoor pedestrian enhancements including outdoor dining and passive and programmed activities.”

According to the RFP, the Town envisions utilities, streetscape and an 18,000-square-foot arts center, and hopes that the public shared parking and arts center be funded from proceeds from the Town’s property.

“The Town Council, after considering the recommendations of the evaluation committee and public comment, may select a limited number - likely two, and not more than three - of proposers who are fully qualified, capable, and best suited in the Town’s discretion to submit a detailed proposal that best meets the Town's needs. Selected proposers will be invited to submit detailed proposals by a specified deadline,” according to the RFP.

According to town documents, The Town plans to post public portions of the proposals on the Town of Herndon website to allow public comment.

Public presentation by developers is scheduled for May 25, and the Council is scheduled to vote for its top proposal by July 1. After the Town works on a development of agreement from July through October, a public hearing is scheduled for November and the final award is scheduled to be issued in December.

New Website: Day One

The Town of Herndon launched a “significantly enhanced website” on Tuesday, Feb. 23.

The Town worked with Vision Internet, a firm specializing in government sites, in creating the new site, and a team with representation from all town departments developed the site, building on a 2015 citizen survey that outlined opinions and preferences.

Town officials pledge that the new site is designed to showcase Herndon’s attributes as a “next generation small town.”

“It is designed to provide users with many avenues to find information about town services, departments, events and activities and much more. It features Google translator, direct links to the town’s social media sites, printer-friendly pages, font resizing and other customized tools,” according to Town documents.

Interactive elements on the site include real-time access to town council meetings, online payments, online job application functionality, “report a problem” functionality.

Visitors to the site may also sign up to receive the town’s resident and business e-newsletters and to download the town’s mobile app, Herndon ON the Go.