Commentary: Reston, A Look at 2015

Commentary: Reston, A Look at 2015

Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) on the most significant events, developments in the district in 2015:

“Despite less than an ideal economy, the Hunter Mill District continues to evolve at a fast rate. Everywhere I go in the District, I see new business opening, adding to our vibrant downtowns and business corridors. New housing projects are attracting additional residents eager to take advantage of our livable neighborhoods and communities. Infrastructure additions and remodels of our schools and municipal facilities will enhance the provision of County and Town services. While other urban areas in the country have grown stagnant, Fairfax County has diversified to take advantage of the new “normal”. Of particular note is

  • the expanding transportation network including the progress of Bike Share program, the development of Metro and the near completion of the Vienna NoVi Trail;

  • The adoption of Comprehensive Plan Language for the Transit Station Areas (TSA) that will create Transit Oriented Development around the TSA for mixed use development and the update of the Comprehensive Plan Language for the Reston Master Plan to protect existing stable communities, provide guidelines for any proposed future development for the Village Centers;

  • The updating Master Plan for Baron Cameron Park. The process entailed a very public discussion on the amenities desired for the park but also the feasibility of recreational center. After much discussion and debate, the proposed recreation center will not be at Baron Cameron, but will be included in the discussion as we begin the planning of the Reston Town Center North properties.

  • The expanded and more vibrant program opportunities at the Southgate Community Center;

  • The annual distribution, for the last ten years, of over 5,000 coats through the Coat Closet program;

  • The collaboration between the Board of Supervisors and School Board members on a policy team to ensure the success for children and youth (SCYPT).”