Letter: The Brooks Farm and the Community’s Future

Letter: The Brooks Farm and the Community’s Future

To the Editor

To the Editor:

It is crucial to elevate awareness of the long-term comprehensive plan for Great Falls. When I grew up in this town, residents banded together to protect the rural and picturesque beauty. Sadly, that emotional argument has expired and been elevated to the need for a rational, thoughtful plan for a town built upon a delicate infrastructure. Great Falls has essentially two major arteries. It simply won’t withstand significant future development that does not consider its limitations.

The controversy over the Brooks Farm is not about developing the property. It is about developing the property within the existing Rural Agricultural (RA) zoning which permits one house per five acres.

This issue far exceeds the Brooks Farm.

There has not been a rezoning in Great Falls in many decades. If passed, this would pose significant concerns and considerations for residents. The Brooks Farm may be the largest undeveloped parcel of land; however, there remain many significant parcels of land here. Hill Nursery, an 11-acre parcel has also recently applied for rezoning from Rural Agricultural (RA) to Rural Residential (RE). If passed, ten homes will be permitted.

There is a need to raise awareness for a focused future for Great Falls that considers cause and effect.

I wanted Starbucks and love the staff because they are truly a great part of our community. However, I wrote an article years ago stating we need to be careful about the long-term plan for businesses because even our commercial infrastructure is limited. I said parking would become an issue with a consumer passionate chain. If another (i.e., Whole Foods) came, you wouldn’t be able to get in and out of that parking lot.

A mere fifty new homes, three cars equals 150 more cars. This town can’t sustain, infinite development. There is a need for responsible development. Rural beauty will become the least of worries superseded by the inability to navigate and exit and enter these limited, country roads.

Please attend Jan. 19, 7 p.m. Supervisor Foust’s public meeting at Great Falls Elementary to plan for the future of our community.

It’s crucial because the Fairfax County staff has recommended to the Fairfax Country Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors rezoning and cluster development of Brooks Farm be approved.

Please e-mail opposition to county Planning Commissioners at plancom@fairfaxcounty.gov

Colleen Sheehy Orme

Great Falls