Chantilly: Jason Deal Selected as Officer of Month

Chantilly: Jason Deal Selected as Officer of Month

Each month, the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) of the Sully District Police Station honors one of the station’s officers for his or her outstanding service to the police and to the community. And Officer Jason Deal was selected as Officer of the Month for May.

“Officer Deal was chosen due to his consistent performance and leadership efforts on his squad,” wrote 2nd Lt. Nicholas Dipippa, who nominated Deal for the honor. “In 2015, he was one of the top producers in DWIs. And Jason has taken several classes to include rifle school, search warrant seminar and an EMT course to help enhance the squad’s capabilities.”

“He has also stepped up to assist the squad with AIU [Accident Investigation Unit] responsibilities,” wrote Dipippa. “As one of the senior officers on the squad, Jason uses his prior law-enforcement experience to help the younger officers on the squad.”

A prime example of Deal’s “thorough investigative ability,” said Dipippa, was a recent assault case that occurred in Centreville. “Two high-school females had a slumber party on a weekend night,” he wrote. “They awoke to an unwanted touching by a person in the house.”

“This was a very traumatic event for any person, much less younger females,” he continued. “Officer Deal separated both girls in order to obtain accurate accounts of the event so they would not unwillingly taint the other’s account. The females were distraught, and Deal spent great patience in making sure the girls felt safe and secure so they could relate what happened.”

After they identified a suspect, wrote Dipippa, Deal interviewed him and “alertly observed possible evidence of the crime. As a result, the officer obtained warrants for the suspect’s arrest and made sure the juvenile females were safe and secure in their neighborhood.”

“Not being satisfied with simply making an arrest, Deal then worked with family members to make sure they understood the court process, doing his best to ensure a conviction,” wrote Dipippa. “Officer Jason Deal is most deserving of this recognition.”