Arlington County Board To Consider Rosslyn Redevelopment Plan

Arlington County Board To Consider Rosslyn Redevelopment Plan

Rezoning and phased development to be reviewed.

Conceptual rendering for the redeveloped Rosslyn Plaza.

Conceptual rendering for the redeveloped Rosslyn Plaza. Photo Contributed

The aging Rosslyn Plaza Park could be undergoing a massive overhaul after the upcoming March 12 County Board meeting.

“This is a complete redevelopment of the existing block,” said Aaron Shriber, principal planner with the Planning Division for Arlington County. “It’s a full block currently occupied by seven buildings from the ‘60s. [We’re planning] on redeveloping them over 25 years in a series of phases, transforming them into three new blocks with new streets.”

The transformation will replace the existing buildings with five new buildings and a new park. County Board will vote on a rezoning and phased development for the site. As a phased development, each building will have to be brought back to the board individually for approval. Shriber says that redevelopment will start from the southernmost end of the site and move north. The first and third buildings are set to be mostly office space with ground floor retail. Shriber says the developer, and county staff, are well aware of the office vacancy issues in Rosslyn that have stunted growth.

“It’s going to be awhile before that first building comes online to see how the market conditions shake out,” said Shriber. Construction could be held up until market conditions start to improve, though Shriber also noted that the building offers uninterrupted views of the D.C. monuments, which makes it considered a special space. “It’s up to the developer on going forward with the final site plan. It’s market-based, but the first new building will probably be built within the next 10 years.”

Even before the project reaches the board, it has divided some of the local neighbors. The Rosslyn Business Improvement District endorsed the project, while residents from the adjacent Waterview condominiums across 19th street have opposed the construction due to the proposed height and the potential traffic impacts.