Centreville Letter: Work in Harmony

Centreville Letter: Work in Harmony

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The Centreville Immigration Forum Board of Directors mourns the loss of life through violent acts in cities and towns around the world, and we particularly condemn violence aimed at religious and ethnic groups. The CIF mission calls us to "build strong community" and to "build community recognition of the strength in our diversity."

Through our projects, including the Centreville Labor Resource Center, we serve persons of many different backgrounds and religions. We know that diverse people can work together in harmony. The board passed the following resolution:

RESOLUTION II: Support for the rights and dignity of all

We, the CIF Board of Directors, in support of our mission to build a welcoming community, affirm the following resolution:

  1. We mourn the loss of life in Paris, Beirut, San Bernardino, Brussels, and elsewhere, as a result of terrorist acts that brought the deaths of many innocent victims.

  2. We urge all residents to respect the rights and dignity of all, including the rights of Muslim residents, and we stand together for human dignity and peace. We urge that people everywhere speak up for peace and justice, and we condemn racial, cultural or religion-based laws and policies that threaten the freedom of us all.

  3. We oppose any immigration policies that target one religious group.

  4. We pledge to continue working for a strong, safe and welcoming community where the well-being and dignity of each resident is affirmed.

Alice Foltz


Centreville Immigration Forum Board of Directors