City of Fairfax Police Target Distracted Driving In October

City of Fairfax Police Target Distracted Driving In October

“Avoid Distraction! Keep Your Eyes On The Action” is advise the City of Fairfax Police Department is giving to motorists in preparation for a directed enforcement campaign targeting distracted driving offenses during the month of October 2016.

“Of course, we’re asking—and expecting—drivers year-round to avoid engaging in any activity which diminishes their ability to give full time and attention to operating their vehicle,” said City of Fairfax Police Chief Carl R. Pardiny in announcing plans for the enforcement effort. “Rather than directing their eyes to a cell phone or other device, drivers should always be looking where the action is – the entire surrounding area both on and off the road. In addition to other vehicles, that action includes bicyclists, pedestrians, animals, traffic signs and signals and construction activities.

Chief Pardiny said that officers will specifically be enforcing the Virginia state code prohibition on texting while driving and the City of Fairfax code requiring vehicle operators to give full time and attention to operating their vehicle. As always, officers will be on the lookout for other traffic violations which frequently result from distracted driving such as failure to obey red lights and stop signs, improper lane changes, and not obeying speed limits.

Distracted driving has become a significant cause of traffic crashes, including many resulting in injury or death. Distracted driving is engaging in any activity which diverts the operator’s attention away from the primary task of driving. The wide range of distractions includes texting, cell phone use, eating and drinking, getting involved in a conversation with passengers, grooming, reading, watching a video or adjusting a radio or other device.

“Engaging in any one of these distractions endangers the driver, passengers, and the safety of our roadways and community,” Chief Pardiny said. “We hope that by calling attention to the problem of distracted driving through education and enforcement that we will experience a noticeable reduction of distracted driving within the City of Fairfax.”

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