Letter to the Editor: Join In Women’s March

Letter to the Editor: Join In Women’s March

The Women’s March on Washington will take place on Jan. 21. Many people still have questions about the march, which are now answered on the national website, www.womensmarch.com. If you’re wondering how Virginians get involved, go to the Virginia Chapter for the march, www.wmwVirginia.org. Some answers: Yes, men and children are invited.

Women’s Rights are everyone’s rights. The permits are in place. The march starts with a rally at 10 a.m. at the intersection of Independence Avenue and Third Street, SW.

The organizers are anticipating over 400,000 people. Participants will be marching together in solidarity for the protection of women’s rights, their safety, their health, and their families. Some marchers will have very specific issues that they will highlight, such as the protection of women’s reproductive rights, the support of immigrants and other vulnerable communities, being good stewards of our planet or opposing the nomination of specific political appointees.

I see this march as a way for the country, and women in particular, to put the new administration and Congress on notice. We are paying attention and are going to do everything in our power to make sure that laws are not passed that take away women’s or anyone else’s rights. We must all be protected from the greed of corporations and individuals who are more concerned with profits than anything else.

So how can Alexandrians get involved? Of course if you can, be sure to march, and to register at www.wmwVirginia.org. Grassroots Alexandria, a new, local, non-partisan, mobilizing group is organizing Alexandrians to march together behind a large banner that says “Alexandrians for Women’s Rights.” They are also organizing a sign-making party on Jan. 14 from 2-5 p.m. in northeast Alexandria. Interested readers should email GrassrootsAlexandria@gmail.com. The Virginia Chapter for the Women’s March (www.wmwVirginia.org) is also looking for outreach volunteers to spread the word about the march and for volunteers to help on the day of the march.

This march is not just a one-off event. It is the beginning of future activism for millions of people who will work to protect women’s rights and to push for fair and sustainable policies.

Sarah Stott