Letter to the Editor: Comstock Divided Loyalties Reappear

Letter to the Editor: Comstock Divided Loyalties Reappear

To the Editor:

I read with interest the editorial concerning the federal hiring freeze (“Not Helping the Local Economy,” The Connection, January 25-31, 2017). All of our Northern Virginia delegation to the Congress oppose the freeze. That is not surprising since we have so many federal employees in Northern Virginia. Even Republican Barbara Comstock has spoken out against a “foolish” freeze.

But one wonders the motives of Comstock. Just a few weeks ago she voted to support the Holman rule which gives Congress the right to cut personnel and programs. Congressmen Beyer and Connolly and Senators Kaine and Warner opposed resurrecting the Holman rule.

While Comstock has touted her opposition to the freeze, she has voted with her party on 8 key votes during the first week of this congress. These votes included Republican drafted rules that make it easier to reduce the federal workforce and cut civil servants’ salaries.

It is clear that the Republican controlled House and Senate along with President Trump are hostile to government spending and in many areas are seeking to reduce staff and programs themselves. Comstock has voted with her party in Congress over 90 percent of the time since she took office.

Don’t expect Comstock to abandon her party. With the House majority the Republicans have now, she has come out on the issue of the freeze without jeopardizing the Republican objectives.

Northern Virginia needs a Representative that supports our federal workforce full time, not only when a visible piece of legislation gets in the news.

Arnold Goldsmith