Lorton Letter: Voting Her Conscience

Lorton Letter: Voting Her Conscience

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

As a career federal workforce member for over 30 years, I have grown increasingly frustrated by the incessant attacks against our nation’s civil servants. One might get an impression that we were responsible for every bad thing that happens in America. Some members of Congress attempt to balance the budget on our backs, despite our years of service and a plethora of restrictions and requirements they already impose on federal employees. Many in Congress cast a wide net when complaining about failures in the federal government, despite civil servants efforts to serve the American public by faithfully executing the programs, policies and laws directed by Congress and the administration. Thankfully, not everyone in Congress—and not every Republican—attacks federal employees.

My representative, Barbara Comstock, has shown a willingness to break from her party ranks, if necessary, to support the federal workforce. A recent notable example came this past July when the House of Representatives debated the so-called Government Reform and Improvement Act. The bill would have usurped the rights of countless federal employees by extending probationary periods for new hires from one year to two years, and would have limited due process rights for senior executive service employees. Congresswoman Comstock was one of two Republicans to vote against this bill despite knowing that it could open her up to some criticism. She voted her conscience and sided with the tens of thousands of federal employees whom she represents instead of rubber-stamping this misguided proposal.

The vast majority of federal employees are dedicated, hardworking, and intelligent individuals who want nothing more than to serve our great nation by serving our fellow citizens. As with any other profession, occasionally a few bad apples tend to spoil things for everyone.

Congresswoman Comstock is willing to hold those bad apples accountable, but has the prudence and patience to differentiate between the few and the many. As an independent voter Congresswoman Comstock’s “independent” willingness to back her constituents has earned her my vote come November.

Charles "Chuck" Caposell

Fairfax Station