Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Primary Choice Is Clear

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Primary Choice Is Clear

The past four years have not been easy for millennials in Virginia. Our Commonwealth has fallen to the bottom five in the country for economic growth, and too many young people are burdened by debt and fewer opportunities to thrive. Graduates of Virginia’s schools are flocking to more business-friendly states where jobs are more plentiful.

For millennials like me, the choice in the June 13 primary is clear. Ed Gillespie is the only candidate for governor with a plan to remove barriers to job creation and incentivize economic growth in Virginia.

By strengthening our workforce development and education system, Ed's plan will train Virginians to fill the most in-demand jobs and attract new employers to our Commonwealth. Ed will reduce individual income taxes by 10 percent across the board, resulting in more than 53,000 new private sector jobs.

Ed's policy-focused agenda is a breath of fresh air in today’s political climate. It will deliver real results for my generation and help Virginia become competitive in today’s modern economy.

This fall, we have the opportunity to elect a candidate who believes that Virginians deserve better than four more years of failed policies.

I hope you'll join me in voting for Ed Gillespie on June 13.

Elizabeth Minneman