Letter to the Editor: Importance of Names

Letter to the Editor: Importance of Names

I read with great interest your article "Committed to Peacemaking" [The Gazette, March 16] about all the truly inspirational stories of local students promoting peace and justice. Such a powerful story of our local youth standing up and making a difference. However the name of one group — “Blossoming Beauties"— also caught my eye but for a very different reason. While the goals and work being done by this group are indisputably laudable, the name is concerning. With the challenges facing us today — women's rights and human rights under assault nationally and globally — the focus for young women on beauty and the attendant baggage that goes along with that distracts from the good works, strength and courage of these young people. There is power in names and I would urge these groups to consider carefully how they choose their monikers.

Anne Holloway