Arlington Blue

Arlington Blue

Democrats maintain hold on elected offices in Arlington.

Last night across the state, Democrats managed to hold on to key offices like Governor and Lieutenant Governor and turn over a few local elections. Arlington was no different, with roughly 80 percent of the county supporting the Democratic candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and House of Delegates.

The local elections were a little more divided, but still went entirely to Democrats or Democrat-backed candidates. Erik Gutshall, the Democratic candidate for County Board, won with 62 percent of the vote over independents Audrey Clement with 24 percent and Charles McCullough with 12 percent. Gutshall will take over a seat vacated by outgoing County Board member Jay Fisette. In the School Board race, Democrat-endorsed Monique O’Grady won 71 percent over M.D. “Mike” Webb with 18 percent of the vote and Alison Dough with 10 percent.