Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Caring for Each Other

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Caring for Each Other

In response to the article recently written by Mary Kimm (“Give Locally in Fairfax County,” Connection, Nov. 15-21), in regard to giving to those in need during the holidays, I think that it is important for articles like these to be written.

While it is obvious that we should give to the less fortunate, our society tends to forget about helping others because we are so consumed with ourselves. I really like the encouragement of donating locally because it allows people to start small and gives them a realistic goal. It also allows us to be more involved in the community around us.

A thing to consider is that people may not be willing to help those who are poor because they believe it’s their own fault. This goes to show how stereotypes are detrimental to our society and cause division rather than unity. It is important to realize that many homeless people and people who are struggling financially are in the situation that they are in due to no fault of their own.

I am not saying that you must help out or you are a bad person, however I believe that it is important for our society as a whole to be more caring to each other.

Bryan Kim

Student, James Madison University