Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse

No one approves of gun violence. I think we can safely start with that assumption. The issue seems to be whether any government – state or federal – has a role to play in setting policy that would seek to reduce gun violence.

Clearly, this question raises a lot of angst on all sides of the issue. I sincerely hope that if we can take a practical approach and ask legislators on both side of the aisle to work together, perhaps we can find compromise.

What a novel idea in politics today, working together to find compromise! I, for one, am grateful for any politician willing to work with the other side to find common sense solutions.

Del. Kathleen Murphy has done this. In 2016, she worked with Republican legislators in the Virginia House of Delegates to pass a bill that reduces the likelihood of a violent family member shooting someone in the household. Thanks to her, any person convicted of second domestic violence offense will be guilty of a felony and prohibited from possessing a firearm. This change in the law required the support of both parties in the Virginia General Assembly. The outcome is a textbook example of a common sense compromise.

In the past session, Del. Murphy introduced legislation that would further limit gun ownership by those convicted of domestic abuse. It is refreshing to see Murphy’s continued commitment to the issue and her belief that people of good will can come together and get things done.

Kate Phillips