Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Supporting Murphy

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Supporting Murphy

Del. Kathleen Murphy speaks my language and I believe she speaks the language of a majority of her constituents.

She stands up for what she believes and she doesn’t speak in code.

Del. Murphy’s opponent says which issues are important to him. Yet you won’t find substantive approaches to these issues on his campaign website. On the other hand, Del. Murphy has detailed approaches and a solid record in Richmond on issues including: common sense answers to gun violence, the environment, infrastructure investment, and protecting women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions.

Her opponent talks about human trafficking and gang violence but is silent about guns. He deplores the high cost of medicines and sales of prescription painkillers but doesn’t mention pharmaceutical companies. He touts his business experience and hangs his political hat on fixing Northern Virginia’s transportation problems and alleviating traffic but he offers no legislative plan for doing either.

He speaks about education but never mentions teachers. His goal for our children? That they be “ultimately competitive in the global economy.” What is his plan?

We all want Northern Virginia to be a strong “economic engine” but Del. Murphy believes we need to do more than cutting business taxes and reducing regulations. To attract businesses, we must support our schools, ensure access to affordable healthcare, and solve growing transportation challenges.

The Republican record in the House of Delegates is clear. If, like me, you want innovative thinking, real legislative change, facing facts, and working together towards a community that we are happy to live and raise our families in, join me and vote for Del. Kathleen Murphy on Nov. 5.

Kathleen Nawaz