Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Misguided Vote

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Misguided Vote

As the race for Virginia’s next Governor heats up, so does the rhetoric. Ed Gillespie is catching considerable flak from the left for running an ad that portrays Ralph Northam as soft on crime, particularly regarding MS-13, the violent Central American gang.

MS-13 has been a problem in Virginia for decades now, but a recent spike in gang violence is forcing elected officials to look for more immediate solutions. Ralph Northam proved recently that he is not up to the challenge.

Northam can’t have it both ways. He can’t claim to be tough on crime when he voted to allow for sanctuary cities in Virginia. It would be one thing if he had cast this misguided vote years ago, long before such tragedies as the Kate Steinle murder. But that’s not the case. Northam cast that vote this year.

Ed Gillespie, on the other hand, has laid out a strong public safety agenda that protects Virginians from violent offenders. His willingness to adopt proven law enforcement strategies, such as Project Exile, means that Virginians are well positioned to be beat back the scourge of gang violence.

While Ralph Northam continues to work on behalf of the interests of dangerous foreign nationals, Ed Gillespie has demonstrated that he will put the interests of Virginians first. Virginians deserve that commitment from their next Governor.

Mike Costigan