Brabrand Returns to Fairfax Rotary Club

Brabrand Returns to Fairfax Rotary Club

Fairfax County School Superintendent presents an update on the county school system.

Dr. Scott Brabrand addresses the Fairfax Rotary Club at a recent meeting.

Dr. Scott Brabrand addresses the Fairfax Rotary Club at a recent meeting. Photo courtesy of Fairfax Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Fairfax was pleased to welcome back a long time member, Dr. Scott Brabrand, the superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools, to a recent meeting. Dr. Brabrand, once the principal of Fairfax High School, became a Rotarian at the Fairfax club in 2006. In 2012, he accepted a job as superintendent of Lynchburg Public Schools in Lynchburg, Va. After five years in Lynchburg, Dr. Brabrand was selected to become the superintendent of Fairfax County Schools in 2017.

Dr. Brabrand spent some time addressing Fairfax Rotarians with an engaging update on the county school system. The superintendent was excited to share some new education ideas.

The superintendent believes that college preparation remains important. He did emphasize that employers seek strong math skills from their future employees but also want their employees to develop communication skills. In the quest for excellence, Dr. Brabrand emphasized to the Rotary Club that there are many good colleges in Virginia. Students and their parents should consider several colleges when making future educational choices, not only the top three Virginia schools.

Dr. Brabrand sees the need for alternative training for those students who do not plan to attend college. He updated the club on the importance of continued vocational training as well as cyber security training. In fact, according to the superintendent, cyber security classes have become so popular that more teachers are needed for this subject.

Dr. Brabrand also discussed initiatives in the schools under the Strategic Plan: Ignite. At the same time, under a continuous improvement model, all programs are evaluated to make sure they are effective and efficient methods to serve students and families.

Newly back in the area after five years, the superintendent is excited to lead the school system in a positive direction. Many in the room fondly remembered his leadership at Fairfax High School. His energy, knowledge of school system supervision and understanding of the Northern Virginia area, will serve him well. The club enthusiastically welcomed Dr. Brabrand back to Fairfax.

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