Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Protect Wolves

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Protect Wolves

In 2012 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed wolves in the Great Lakes region from the endangered species list. Disaster quickly followed, as state wildlife agencies in that region rushed to establish wolf hunting seasons. Over the course of three hunting seasons, over 1,500 wolves were killed using some of the most barbaric methods imaginable, including strangling neck snares, chasing down with packs of dogs, and archery. The wolves in the Great Lakes region eventually had their protections reinstated, but not before enormous damage was done.

Unfortunately, our elected representatives have not learned from this catastrophe and history is about to repeat itself. The 2019 federal appropriations bill will likely try to take away wolves’ protections once again. Wolves may not live in Virginia, but they are vital to our national ecosystems and our country’s natural heritage. Not to mention the vast number of Virginians who travel to wolf country just to see these iconic carnivores in the wild. Please contact our Senators and tell to vote against any legislation to put wolves in harm’s way. If we don’t act now, these animals may not be around to inspire and enthrall future generations.

Kate Lewis