Working To Keep Students Safe in Fairfax County

Working To Keep Students Safe in Fairfax County

The following release was issued by the Fairfax County Public Schools’ Office of Safety and Security:

The tragic event in Parkland, Fla. at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is another sobering reminder for all of us to continue to exercise due diligence when it comes to safety and security operations within FCPS. Because of the continuing potential of both intended and unintended threats to our schools, FCPS has focused a great deal of attention to emergency procedures, and is vigilant about protecting the safety of its students and employees. The school division has spent considerable time and effort in planning and practicing day to day safety and security measures, as well as addressing response to a major critical incident. Among these measures are:

  • Physical Security (Locked doors, intrusion alarms, electronic door access, CCTV)
  • Visitor Management System and Procedures (Deployed system wide)
  • Emergency planning coordination with police, fire, and emergency management offices
  • Comprehensive division-wide crisis management plan
  • Individual school crisis plans-updated annually (includes evacuation, and parent reunification plans)
  • Lockdown, Fire, and Tornado Drills
  • Table Top exercises at all schools
  • Critical incident terms awareness and training (Lockdown, Secure the Building, Shelter in Place, Stay Put Stay Tuned)
  • Threat assessment process
  • Confidential tip, text, and email programs
  • Uniformed school security patrols (24x7)
  • Employee training in crisis management and communication. (Lockdown, Evacuation, and “Run, Hide, Fight”)
  • SROs at all middle and high schools
  • FCPS security personnel at all middle and high schools

In specific response to the Parkland incident, FCPS school security has increased its presence at schools, and the Fairfax County Police Department has ordered an increased patrol presence near and around our schools. While there are no specific threats to our area, this step is being taken out of an abundance of caution, and to provide reassurance to students, staff, and the community after the events that occurred in Florida.

While no methodology is fool-proof, FCPS is fortunate to be in an area where the school division and the county work together to take every precaution in the event of an emergency. This is a continual process in which FCPS will always look to improve our safety and security footprint. Safety and security is everyone’s job. Staff, students, parents and the community at large are reminded to incorporate safety and security awareness as routine, and to immediately report any unusual activity to the authorities.

Our thoughts are with the families and staff of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the residents of Parkland.