Wahoos Finish Undefeated

Wahoos Finish Undefeated

Emil LaSida sets Colonial Swim League Record in the 50-m backstroke.

Chinquapin Wahoos, Division Champs, at Carnival Relays on Sunday, July 15.

Chinquapin Wahoos, Division Champs, at Carnival Relays on Sunday, July 15.


The Chinquapin Wahoos finished their dual meet season in the Colonial Swim League with an undefeated record. They finished 5-0 and also won their 1st Division Championship at the All-Star Relay Carnival on Sunday at Countryside.

The Chinquapin Wahoos defeated the Hayden Village Villages – Boys 175-40; Girls 130-92 – for a combined score of 305-132-to go 5-0 for the season. Next week is the Divisional Championships and the presentation of trophies at Chantilly Highlands. Swimmers throughout all divisions in the Colonial Swim League have a chance to qualify for All-Stars through the competition at Divisionals.

6&Unders: Logan Phillips (23.79) and Micaela Zuniga (30.81)won the freestyle and the backstroke (Logan 29.63; Micaela 36.45).

8&Unders: Amir Smith (23.36) and Eamonn Greiner (23.68) were 2-3 in the free; Alex Guevara (24.03) and Eamonn (31.06) were 1st and 2nd in back with Dominic Grajkowski just missing 3rd; Eamonn (28.70) and Amir Smith (28.95) were 1-2 and dominated the breaststroke; and Alex (23.65) and Logan Phillips (31.82) were 1-2 in the fly. The girls were dominant as Linda Jimenez (20.51) took 1st,, Chloe Fox (21.34) 2nd, and Julia Davis (22.13) 3rd in the free; Chloe Fox (26.38) 1st and Madison Schang (26.51) 2nd in the back; Linda Jimenez (26.17)t, Madison (27.15), and Chance Maxwell (31.35) swept the breast; and in the butterfly, Linda (26.21), Chloe (28.99), and Julia (29.94) swept the event. Both groups won the 100 Medley Relay event with Eamonn, Amir Smith, Alex, and Logan going 1:42.05; and Chance, Chloe, Linda, and Julia going 1:46.81.

9-10 Age Group: Yahia Omar (38.42), Chris Greene (40.43), and Eddy Paz (43.81) swept the free; Jack Scheifele (43.90) took 1st, Chris (54.13) 3rd in the back; Jack (51.48 2nd) with Yahia taking 3rd with a time of 53.33; and Jack (18.18) and Chris (22.39) 3rd in the butterfly.

Camila Zuniga took 1st (40.95) and Maggie McCommons (46.27) 3rd in the free; Tennyson Fitzgerald (48.52) 1st and Camila (51.39) 2nd in the back; Halle Thomas (54.93) 1st and Tennyson (58.88) 2nd in the breast, and Camila (21.01) 1st and Tennyson (24.53) 3rd in the butterfly. Tennyson, Halle, Camila, and Maggie combined to take 1st in the medley relay with a time of 132:83.

11-12 Age Group: Bodie Lauinger (31.50) swam his best time for 3rd in the free; Jolan Foronda (36.95) was 2nd in the back; Jolan (36.15) was 2nd the breaststroke; and in the butterfly. Jolan was 2nd again with a time of 34.97.

For the girls, Eve McLaury (32.79) and Cate Cox (35.18) started the 11-12 girls out with a 1-3 finish in the free; Catherine Salomons (38.68), and Abby (41.12) were 1-2 the backstroke; Catherine (43.98) Sally Cox (45.35) were 1-3 in the breast; and Eve (35.65) and Catherine (37.04) were 1st and 2nd in the butterfly event.

13-14 Age Group: Emil LaSida (26.60) took 1st and Ronan Lauinger (27.69) 2nd in the free; In the backstroke Emil (28.95) took 1st place setting the CSL record in the 50-meter backstroke, Jack McLaury (36.44) took 2nd. In the breast, Ronan took 1st (34.77) was 1st and in the butterfly, the boys showed some depth by sweeping the butterfly event with Emil (28.83), Jack (34.93) and Diego Flores-Acosta (36.41) leading the field. The team of Emil, Ronan, Jack and Diego Flores-Acosta took 1st in the 200 MR with a time of 2:12.83.

For the girls, Maya Solis (31.14) was 2nd in the free and 1st in the 50 back with a time of 34.89 with Haley Haukedahl (39.57) taking 3rd in the back; Stephanie Rosario (43.15) was 2nd in the breast; and Maya (35.73) was 1st in the fly. Haley Haukedahl, Stephanie, Maya, and Jocelyn Teran teamed up for 1st in the 200 medley relay with a time of 2:33.88.

15-18 Year Olds: Ian Do got the boys on the board with a 2nd place finish in the 50 back with a time of 29.16 with Dylan Garcia (29.38) taking 3rd. Ian (32.84) was 2nd in the backstroke. Jacob Rosario (39.67) touched out a Hayden Village swimmer to take 3rd in the breaststroke. In the butterfly, Ian (30.27) and Dylan (32.15) took 1st and 2nd place. The relay team of Ian, Jacob, Dylan and Angel Callisaya (2:13.88) were just beat out by a strong boys team in an exciting relay race.

For the girls, Lydia Greenwood (30.63) took 1st and Nicole Rosario (32.83) 3rd by .02 seconds in the free; Lydia (37.04) and Athena Salomons (38.81) took 1st and 2nd in the back; Athena (42.93) and Bella Obioha (43.31) took 1st and 2nd in the breast; and Lydia (32.02) and Nicole were 1st and 3rd in the butterfly. Athena, Bella, Lydia, and Nicole teamed up for 1st in the 200-m MR with a time of 2:24.77.

In the 200-yard free relays, the boys’ team of Jack Schiefele, Jolan Foronda, Emil LaSida, and Ian Do (2:04.87) and the girls’ team of Camila Zuniga, Eve McLaury, Maya Solis, and Lydia Greenwood (2:18.09) both took 1st place.