Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Mother’s Advice

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Mother’s Advice

My name is Cynthia Harris and I am the mother of Christopher Harris, candidate for school board, District A. I have voted in the City of Alexandria since 1980, but this year is special as I have the opportunity to see my son’s name on the ballot.

As a mother, it is something special to watch your child grow into a leader, advocate, and public servant. Chris has dedicated his life to giving a voice to the voiceless emphasizing teamwork, mentoring, and coaching students across our city. He has worked diligently as an executive board member of the Alexandria Human Rights Commission and has led the Alexandria Branch of the NAACP in the fight to address discriminatory discipline practices within ACPS.

It is imperative that you know as a school board member Chris will champion policy that addresses safety and infrastructure within our school, he will work to ensure our teachers have the resources and support needed to provide our children a world-class education, ensure equitable practices across the school system, and make fiscally responsible decisions. His skills in engaging families, ability to build coalitions, and desire for transparency in information reporting will be an immediate asset to the board.

Chris’ foundation as a student in ACPS provided him with the foundation he needed, to support his three children as they matriculated through ACPS, to become a small business owner, and to thrive in his career as an engineer specializing in construction and project management.

As you head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6, please vote for my son, Christopher Harris.

Cynthia Harris